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Join Karen to learn several ways to bind your quilts. Karen will teach the traditional, flange and back to front.

Cost: $ 20.00
Learn how to make a quilt. From selecting fabric, cutting, sewing and finishing. This will be a three section class.

Cost: $ 110.00
Take some time to finish projects or get something new started. We're open from 12-4 and would love the company. There is always someone around to help with any problems you may have. Grab a friend or just come and meet some new friends! Please reserve your spot. Even though there is a fee, you will receive it back (with an additional discount) with any in store purchase during the Sit & Sew. It's a win/win!!

Cost: $ 10.00
How many t-shirts do you have? How many do you really need? Ever thought of making a special quilt with these t-shirts to prolong the memories? Join Karen in helping you create your special quilt. You will learn how to prepare the t-shirts and design the quilt.

Cost: $ 50.00