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Valentine Tic Tac Toe Challenge
              W.I.P.'s and U.F.O.'s
                (refer to board below)

Let’s show our WIPS (Work in Progress) and UFO (Unfinished Objects) some love this February! Here’s how to play:

  1. Choose 9 of your WIPS/UFOS and write one in each of the tic tac toe boxes. If you don’t have 9 WIPS/UFOS, you can list some more than once. Once you have filled in each block, you cannot move the projects around to different blocks.
  2. Choose a reasonable goal of how much work/time you want to spend with each project during a one week period and write that goal in the box with the project. Some goal examples could include:

*finish the project (this is a good goal if you are really close to a finish)

*work for 5 hours on the project (or however many hours you feel is realistic for a one week period)

*finish 3 more blocks OR attach the borders OR add 300 more stitches (you get the idea)

*completely prep a kit

3. Each week during the month of February, Karen’s Quilting Corner will “draw” 2 letters from the Tic Tac Toe Board. Letters will be posted on their FB site, sent in the newsletter and will also be available in the shop.

During the week, you must work on the projects that are within those 2 blocks and work to achieve your goal. IF you complete your goal for one or both of the letter blocks for the week, you get to give yourself an X or an O or a giant heart in the box!

  1. Continue working on your projects as each week’s letters are drawn and shared during the entire month of February.

5. At the end of February, IF you have a tic tac toe (either horizontally, vertically or diagonally) on your board, bring your “board” sheet to Karen’s to receive a 10% discount off of your purchase. IF you have achieved the goal you set on each block and your entire board is filled with X’s, O’s and hearts, you will receive the 10 % discount AND a free fat quarter!!!!

This is a fun way to get motivated to work on our WIPS and UFOS……so get them out and get them ready!!!

        How to get printable directions
             and tic tac toe board

Click on the cover page of our website where it says "Click here to download and print"

email and we will send you the pdf's

Stop in the shop for a copy of the game board and instructions