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Wool 101

Have you every admired a wool project and wanted to try it yourself but had no idea how to start?  Well, this class is for you.  Michelle Gajda from Under the Woolen Willow will guide you through the process from the very beginning.  It will be a series of 5 classes.  There will also be a kit that you’ll need to purchase which will include 2 projects.  The first will be a precut Penny Pillow project that you will immediately learn how to stitch.  The second project will include a kit with wool, floss & pattern.   Michelle will review transferring the pattern, cutting the wool and putting together the project.  You will also learn a new technique each class.  This would be a fun class to do with a friend.  Once you graduate from Wool 101, you can join the “Wool Gatherer’s” for other projects.

                Classes will begin Monday, March 22 from 6-8pm EST.  The other classes will be

                   Mondays, April 19, May 17, June 21 and July 19.  The cost will be $50 for all 5 classes.


                The required kit for the class will be $25 and include two projects.

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Wool Applique Flower Class: Materials List *1 Yard wool for base (white or ecru) *2 yards backing wool (color of your choice) *¼ yard wool for leaves (green-can be solid or patterned) *scraps of wool in “flower” colors (most flower pieces are no larger than 2x2) *Embroidery floss to match all wool colors (any floss brand but if using pearl cotton/Valdani, I would recommend a # 8 or 12). *Additional Floss needed: Green to match green wool Dark Brown Light Yellow Dark Yellow/Gold Color to match base wool and backing wool Misc. Supplies: *Wool applique needles *Sharp scissors *Freezer paper *pencil *Fons and Porter glue stick and refills
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Wool 101

$ 50.00