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T-Shirt Quilt

One class that we always get a lot of interest is a T-Shirt class.  Whether you have many of your own T-shirts or a family member’s, it’s a great way to save your memories.  This class will guide you through some of the decisions you need to make and how to prepare the T-Shirts for use in a quilt.  We’ll break this up into 2 classes.  The first class will be used to discuss projects, including the scope and size of your quilt and a demonstration on how to prepare the T-shirts.  The second class will review how to sew the quilt together and discuss how to finish the quilt.  We can also schedule a quick question and answer session between the two classes.  The cost will be $50 for the class.

 Bring several t-shirts in decent condition, your machine, in good working order and be comfortable using your machine! Bring your quilting supplies including rotary cutter and ruler (we'll have irons, ironing boards, cutting mats).

  Materials are not included but books, fabric and stabilizer will be available for purchase at 20% off.

Skill Level:
Bring the T-Shirts that you want to use. Bring your sewing machine & make sure it's is in good working order. Other items you'll need are thread, scissors, cutting mat, rotary cutter and other sewing notions.
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T-Shirt Quilt

$ 50.00